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St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Island Destination Weddings | Are You in Need of a Bridal Bailout?
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Are You in Need of a Bridal Bailout?


With all the talk of congressional bailouts to banks, auto and insurance companies– surely, by now you are hoping for a mandate that will extend to bridal couples for their weddings.


Well, while you are waiting on that, let me give you some tips that will help you in the meantime…


You can initiate your own bridal bailout by fully and realistically assessing the scale of your wedding. 

  1. Can you cut your guest list?
  2. Can you change the time or day of your wedding?
  3. Can any orders or services be scaled back

These three starting points will seem really hard to do.  If you are serious about affording your wedding and not paying it off at your fifth anniversary, they will be necessary.  With the economy having everyone tightening their belts, more and more couples and their families will have to reconsider their contributions to the wedding budget.  Each person’s circumstances are different, and it will be up to them to decide how much they can oblige their finances too.  Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be held hostage to the idea of a “dream wedding” when the realities are harsher than ever. 


This week, we will debut Operation: Recessionista, a series of posts that will show you the how’s and why’s of having a wedding on a strict budget.  Part of the frustration of most couples is not knowing the cost of services when they start planning, so they enter into the process with an inflated and unrealistic view of weddings.  Frustration can turn into utter despair when it seems like nothing is affordable for them.  Operation: Recessionista will give you tips for an affordable and beautiful wedding without sacrificing feelings, decorum  or overall event vision. 

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