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St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Island Destination Weddings | Low Cost Ways to Really Shake Up Your Event
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Low Cost Ways to Really Shake Up Your Event

If money is an issue for your wedding, (and with gas at $4.00 a gallon, when is it not?)  you can become innovative by incorporating some things into your design that no one "typically" does at weddings.  It makes you look cutting edge and saves you some money, or none at all, but it also makes your event more personal and memorable.



Ceremony Layout

This is a no-cost way to throw in a different dynamic for your event:  ditch the old setup.  Think outside the box, luxelings:

  • Instead of the snoozefest traditional two sided setup, create a fan layout (with a minimum number of chairs in the front, fanning out to a larger row in the rear.  You can have an aisle to split the fan, or have everyone enter from the left or right (We did this at a wedding in Savannah, and it was beautiful!).  Semi-circles are also great for this as well.  While this may not work in church situations, if your church as an area for the choir to sit/stand, instead of standing in front of it, stand on/in it, so that you can face your guests.
  • If you are renting a venue that gives you full use of the grounds, look for really scenic areas to have your ceremony.  Find a strong focal point for your to say your vows– a fountain, low limbs of a tree, or beautiful piece of architecture as a backdrop. 

Sans Flowers

  • Be a rule breaker and nix all of the flowers.  That’s right– have a flowerless wedding.  Have your girls carry clutches or other personal or designer emblems (bibles, feathers…don’t scoff, or absolutely nothing at all). 
  • No one says your centerpieces have to be flowers.  You could get creative with candles (remember to search for wholesale lots on eBay for good deals or Google handmade candles.  You can get a really good rate from someone who makes candles by hand.  Whatever you do, don’t buy them from a store, unless you LIKE giving away your money) or you can check out the Fashionably Functional post for ideas.  It could be a great conversation piece like a statue, with votives surrounding the base.  Another option is to use photos of you and your fiance at different stages of your relationship, different places you’ve traveled, or wedding photos from different couples in your family (parents, grandparents, etc.).  All of these make great conversation starters!

Low Lighting

  • Consider using nothing but candlelight to grace your event.  This is not suggested with large areas, unless you can pull it off without selling your soul.  However, for intimate gatherings, especially of 75 or less, consider using candles of varying heights on mantelpieces and tables.  Rent floor candelabras (not the horrifically hideous ones), position hurricanes on covered columns or create candle trees.  The glow from these candles is delicious.  This works exquisitely for indoor evening ceremonies (even some outdoor, depending on the space).
  • If your space is large, but you do love the idea low lighting (by the way, guests look really flattering under this light), ask your venue about changing the the bulbs in their fixture (at your expense).  Amber bulbs are flattering and create a simulated candle glow.  Remember to provide a little more lighting for your DJ or musicians, and notify your photographer before hand if you choose to do this. 
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