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Using Google to Plan Your Wedding

My twin sister, Liene will thoroughly enjoy this post.  Google is her baby daddy.  Google rocks, and it can totally help you plan your wedding. 


Google Search Engine— Google rocks when it comes to finding all the information you need.  Remember to use different search terms and algorithms to find the key information you need in an efficient manner. For example, use quotation marks to hone in your search engine results.  Terms like "Maggie Sottero" wedding dress will find results that include those terms together, not just separately.  Here is a great site that gives you other ways to search Google. 

image Google Images— This is a great resource to find those pictures that you are looking for to provide inspiration for your decor.



Ok, so you’ve used the search engine to find information and pictures…whatever will you put it in?


Google Notebook— Google Notebook is an AWESOME online resource that can keep all of your wedding planning ideas, vendors, and contacts all in one place.  With some browsers, you can just select text or images and right click "Note This" and it will save it to the notebook of your choice.  Great way of organizing all of the little snippets you find online that a few months from now won’t  seem like a good idea.

image Google Reader— Google Reader is absolutely genius. Instead of going to all of your favorite blogs (SHAMELESS PLUG :: this one included) individually, you can have one centralized place to read all of your favorite blogs. Just program your browser to go to the Google Reader page when you find an RSS feed that you love.  You can categorize the blogs that you plug into reader to keep them organized in a way you seem fit (wedding planner’s blogs, photography blogs, fashion blogs, etc.).  If you use Firefox, be sure to download the Google Reader Notifier which will allow you to see when new feeds are updated.  Additionally, Google Reader makes recommendations on other blogs which are similar to the ones in your list.  If you need some help, check out some of my favorite blogs.

image Google Chat— Talk with your friends on Google’s Instant Messenger. You can exchange files, make PC to PC phone calls, get notified about your Gmail and text.  You can gab on about your wedding for hours.

image Gmail— who doesn’t know and love gmail?  I get that, but here is where I can enhance your life, luxeling.  First of all, get a wedding email address.  You know you were dying to anyway…so just go on and do it. Ok, now that’s done, when you sign up for offers, you can categorize where those emails will go.  For example– let’s say you are looking for a wedding photographer, and want to keep all those communications in one place. With every site of a photographer that you visit and must enter in your address, you can enter it in as  (Note, the email address was hypothetically,  Don’t click that…it might be someone’s real address.)  Next, log in and go to Settings.  From there, we’ll set up a filter. In the To box, put in your newly-created address, and the set the filter to put in a folder titled "photographers." This is perfect as well if you want to log communications with your wedding planner or even designate a folder for emails that should be immediately deleted (like those irritating emails you get when you sign up for something free).

image Google Calendar— Great for plugging in those vendor payments and appointments!   You can now sync your Google Calendar with your Outlook calendar.  You can get weather forecasts on your calendar, as well as get text notification reminders.

image Blogger–  When your relatives threaten to put a hit out on you if they have to hear about your wedding one more time, you can start a wedding blog with Blogger and divulge all of your wedding feelings there.

image Picasa— Picasa is Google’s answer to Flickr.  In addition you can create web albums of your engagement photos, ideas you like, basically whatever blows your skirt up.

image Google Docs— You can save HTML, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents (as well as a few other files from other programs) to an online hub that you can access from anywhere.  What’s best you can collaborate on documents with other people.  Just to give an example, you and your honey can work on your ceremony together while you two should be working :)  You can even email your documents to  an encrypted email address. 


Google Pages— You can create a wedding website for your wedding with Google Pages. No need to know HTML or anything like that, a few keystrokes here, a click there and you’ve got a page.  You now have to sign up on the waitlist to get a space, so do it now or you can also check out Google Sites for a great online hub for you and your bridesmaids.


So see, Google can help you manage your wedding planning!

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