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New Rule Friday

rules.jpgThese are your rules! Let’s check ’em out and see what’s bugging everyone else…

New Rule: Ok…your DJ is there to play music, this isn’t a radio show…tell him to shut up and play music!

Jennifer (Thank God for you, Jennifer!)

New Rule: Do not get wasted at your own wedding. Having your groom carry you out of the reception is just not attractive. Unless you’re going for the theme of “trashy” I suggest a little moderation. I did not get hired to babysit you (ie: hold your hair while you puke and keep you from falling into your five-tiered cake). But I WILL put it on YouTube so everyone can bask in your wedding gloriousness.



New Rule: Enough with your silly paper aisle runners! For God’s Sake they just get all wrinkled gross and nasty! And why on God’s Green Earth do you want your groomsmen or ushers to mess with an extra large toilet paper role with a crappy ass double sided tape on one side for 20 minutes before you walk down the aisle! Deal with your beautiful marble floor, don’t cover it up with crap! We are not in the middle ages any more and there is no fear of getting mud on your dress!

Sugar and Spice

New Rule: Tulle will be outlawed at all venues. Anyone caught trying to bring in tulle for decorations shall be hit over the head repeatedly with the flimsy bolt of fabric until some sense is knocked in her. Tuck Fulle!


New Rule: Just because you weigh 300 pounds and can cook does NOT mean you can cater!! Since nobody has taken you aside to tell you that dropping food off in an aluminum pan with a sterno is NOT catering, allow me… Dropping food off in an aluminum pan with sterno is NOT catering. You are merely providing the equivalent of a one cook pot luck meal. Really!! Ever heard of NACE – didn’t think so! Know about renting linens? HA! I could tell and don’t tell me the clients ain’t gotta spend that money cause you’ve got Chinet. There’s a lot more to catering than cooking and throwing it on a papered table, please get a clue!!!

Dragon Lady


These were great! I only do 5 rules a week, so if your rule isn’t here– stay tuned! And keep them coming! Vent about your *favorite* bride, vendor or wedding tradition and send them to terrica {at} onceuponyourwedding dot com!

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