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St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Island Destination Weddings | Firestarters and Christmas Decor with Your Leftover Candles
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Firestarters and Christmas Decor with Your Leftover Candles

We haven’t had the opportunity to use our fireplace yet because it is a nice 80 degrees here. Bummer.

But for those of you who want to get into the Christmas spirit by adding on to your decor or cuddling by the fire, this post is for you.  You will remember I told you about what to do with your left over wedding votive candles.  But what about the big candles you get from retailers?  Your know the ones that you can’t burn anymore because it has tunneled (created a cylindric hole down the center due to poor burning) or is lopsided or the wick is gone?

Ok, ok. I’ll tell you.  You will need your old candle jars and some pinecones.  You may want to sanitize your pinecones beforehand or use them naturally. Sanitizing is easy, just put them in a bucket/bowl of cool water to get rid of any bugs, dirt, etc.  Let them dry for a day.

Get your candle jars and follow the same instructions as before to melt your wax.   But what next?

  1. While your wax is melting, prepare a cardboard box and fill with newspaper and add pinecones.
  2. Next to your box, lay out more newspaper on a flat surface.
  3. Put on your oven mitts, and remove your old candle jars.
  4. Pour your wax on top of your pinecones– you may want to take care as to how you pour these if you want them for decoration.  If not, just go BTTW and go for it.  You could also tie a string to your pine cones and dip them in the hot wax.
  5. Lay your pine cones on the flat, newspaper covered surface. While the wax is congealing, you may want to add glitter, feathers, berries, spray paint etc. Whatever blows your skirt up. If you are using these as firestarters, nothing else is needed.

Now you have some nice pine cones that are now scented with your candle wax, and can be placed in any decorative bowl or placed on a wreath or on the tree as ornaments.

If you are using these as firestarters,  you can them place them under, on, and around your logs to get your fire started. Your home will be filled with a nice aroma as the wax melts (BONUS!)

This is a lot of fun and stupid easy.  It’s a great project and even be wedding-fied for a wedding craft, if necessary.   My kids love doing it and it pays off big.  Remember to keep your jars (just be sure to wipe out with paper towels until clean and never ever EVER pour wax down the sink).  You now have a new clean pencil jar, penny jar, or whatever jar.

Photo: Southern Lighterd

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  • What a fantastic idea! I just threw out a vanilla scented candle that had been tunneled but couldn’t think of anything to use the yummy-smelling wax for. I’ll have to save the ones I’m using now and try this out!

    ps-I think “whatever blows your skirt up” is going to be my new catch phrase. hilarious.

    December 18, 2007 at 5:17 pm
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