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St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Island Destination Weddings | With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility
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With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility


My two year old (featured top left), tells me that on a DAILY basis. I mean he watches Spiderman every day. All three of the movies some time.  And he’s right.  I think about that in context as my role as a mom, a wife, and of course, as a wedding planner.

I can see why brides and their moms really feel helpless or threatened when they hire a wedding planner.  We emerge on the scene as the all-knowing expert, and say “do this, do that”.

I don’t pretend to know everything.  I haven’t cornered the market on the wedding scene. As a matter of fact, no wedding professional does or has. Anyone that tells you any different is lying to you and should be slapped.

We’ve got the most important day of two families’ lives in our hands.  That’s the best part of the job, and the most stressful part of the job.  I never take that for granted– which is why none of our weddings look the same. One thing that they all have in common is that they get the same attentive service and attention to detail.  I can’t stress enough how important it is for all of your vendors to work well together so that they communicate as efficiently as possible on the day of the wedding. I tell EVERYONE in my first consults or conversations, I hate surprises (for weddings).  Surprises are for birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese.  I don’t like anything sprung up on me but do have the ability to recover.  Your vendors should work well together both before and during the event.  Why?  Because their primary focus should be on you, their client. When their focus deviates from you to them showcasing their “thing”, it is, for lack of a better word, irresponsible.

So see, Peter Parker, Uncle Ben was right.

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