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St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Island Destination Weddings | Fake Creme Brulee
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Fake Creme Brulee

Ok.  My vices:

 *  Hair

 *  Makeup

 * Creme Brulee

 Creme Brulee is the best thing since sliced bread.  If creme brulee was a person, it would be my husband 🙂  After a hard day of playing Mommy, Mrs. S. and Super Wedding Planner, I am sitting in my living room with a signature Berry Creme Brulee candle watching the Ultimate Fighter and about to enjoy some of my “fake” creme brulee.

So as you can see, I love creme brulee. I, however, lack the patience to make it and wait for it.  So….I fake it!  Now, you can too with super easy and no-one-will-know-unless-you-tell-them recipe:

1 pkg of Jell-O pudding

1 cup of heavy whipping cream (Land O’ Lakes is really good)

1 cup of milk (I use 2%)

If you want a really rich recipe, you can sub another cup of heavy whipping cream for the milk.  I mix the ingredients together and whip it with my electric mixer until it is thick.  Next, I scoop out the pudding and put it into my ramekins and smooth it out.  After that is done, you have to cover it with plastic wrap to stop it from forming a “skin”  on the top.  Once that’s done, you refrigerate it. Truth be told, you could eat it right then after adding your sugar crust.  I refrigerate mine for about an hour or so to get it to set a bit more.  DEELISH! 

 Yesterday, while watching the Top Chef finale, I enjoyed a nice ramekin of fake lemon creme brulee and it is absolutely HEAVENLY.  Tonight, it’s vanilla.  I even have a box of Butterscotch pudding… Man. This is bad… I also have the flavored sugars– Cappucino, Raspberry, Praline and Butter Rum, in addition to my regular carmelizing sugar. 

Signs of a true creme brulee addict.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore the real creme brulee. But when I want it…and don’t have the time or the patience to do ice baths or waiting for a six hour set– well, hello, Jell-O.

I think I made Bill Cosby proud.

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