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Wedding Planning– So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It?

Don’t get me wrong– wedding planning is great. That’s why I do it for a living.  However, I’ve had loads of training, push myself to stay on top of trends, network, market, etc.  I can definitely understand how a bride can get overwhelmed very easily with wedding planning. I mean, here we are with the most important day of your life–mix in some strangers, a bunch of money, business, contracts, legal ramifications, family and God knows who else and you’ve got a mess on your hands if it’s not handled correctly. 

 My husband and I have recently been deviously relishing in episodes Bridezillas.  He looks at me and says, “I don’t get it. Why don’t they hire a planner!?”  I’m not sure– but a lot of brides realize that they need help, let’s say, two minutes before they walk down the aisle.  It’s sad, because that’s when all heck breaks loose. 

If you need help– get it. You know the saying–you have not because you have not.  Remember– this is the most important day of your life. Don’t entrust it to someone with little to no experience with working with professionals to pull your wedding together flawlessly.  Don’t wait until the last minute. 

 Here are a few suggestions:

  • Early on in the process, meet with a few planners.  Yes, I know, you can do it all by yourself– but if closer to the date you do decide to use someone, you already know who to go to.

  • Pad your budget for a day of coordinator. They only way you will know how much to save is unless you meet with someone (try to avoid the old “call-and-price-shop” deal.  That gives you no idea as to what you are getting or if you will even like the planner).

  • Ask other vendors about other coordinators.  Ask your venue coordinator, your DJ and/or your photographer which coordinators they like to work with.  If they can’t suggest one, ask them what you should look for in one that will make their jobs easier not harder.

 If wedding planning was easy, everyone would be a planner.  😉 

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