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I recently had a MOB contact me about her daughter’s wedding, as I had written an article about Cuban inspired weddings.  She had some wonderful ideas and I asked her if I could share them on my blog (thank you, Sra. Hernandez!):

I was reading about your suggestions for Cuban themed weddings on the net. In 1999 I did my daughter’s wedding with a cuban theme. my husband and i are both form Cuba so it was very meaningful. I thought maybe you wanted to hear about it a bit. For the centerpieces we used miniature banana trees that we covered with cellophane paper, then on the tables we put several postcards of old Cuba that we purchased at a local store in Miami. We made sacks to resemble the sugar cane sacks with their names for the candy that was on the tables. Also for all the guys we had chocolate cigars.The table for the gifts had a banana leave, a straw hat, a set of maracas and a cuban drum as the decorations. our favors were cuban maracas with the date and the couple’s name imprinted.

Our DJ had a cuban comparsa to start the party wich he started with a Conga and the bride and groom leading it. It was a total success. To this day people still talk about how different and beautiful my daughter’s wedding was.
Take care

How fabulous is that!  Sra, yo agredezco todo de tu ayuda y muchos abrazos y gracias!  I hope that inspires you as well for your Cuban themed wedding. If you need more ideas on Cuban or other Latin weddings, check out Viva El Amor:  The Latino Wedding Planner, A Practical Guide for Arranging a Traditional Ceremony and a Fabulous Fiesta  by Edna Bautista.  It’s a great read and one of my favorites in my library!

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