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House Beautiful

Well…my DH comes home in 6 Sundays (He hates it when I say that…but it’s easier for me to get through the weeks that way).  Surprisingly enough, our new baby will be here in….6 Sundays!  (FYI, we are now taking bets who will get there first!)

 I am in the process of buying some new things for the house and stumbled upon Rezon8Living and I love it.  My DH, even in all his metrosexual fabulousness, still has a bit of a traditional side.  He scoffs at the things I show him from Crate and Barrel or Chiasso.  However, he did come around to doing the guest bathroom in chocolate and turquoise.  Surprisingly enough, we agreed on the Baxter Bed; while I agree some of the stuff from 2Modern or Chiasso looks like something from the Jetsons, some of the other stuff is just enough to bring a contemporary measure to our home.

 Mr. Terrica just threw in that he wants a plasma or LCD to be mounted over the fireplace. Totally throws off my scheme for the liviing room…but another excuse for shopping, oui?

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