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Miss Holiday, She Has Arrived

I’m an old soul.  I don’t deny it. I don’t make excuses for it. I don’t even apologize for it.  I’m old. 

Seriously– Ask me the last movie I watched…(Streetcar Named Desire)  Ask what just played in iTunes (Billie Holiday).  The point is that I have a very fine appreciation for the things of yesteryear. Growing up in Baltimore, one is immersed in the cool and languid sounds of the great legends this city has spawned.  Don’t get me wrong– I still heart everything from R&B to Rock to Rap to Country to Classical.  It’s that well-roundedness (is that a word?) that gives me my edge (or at least, that is what I will claim).  But I am always a big jazz standards fan– Ella, Billie, Sarah…totally adore them.

For years, I have seen critics desperately dub the next up and coming star as the “New Billie Holiday”.  Everyone from Erykah Badu to Macy Gray.  Billie’s voice was an entity with in itself.  Her passion just put you into overdrive.  Her sassiness had your mouth ajar in disbelief (this woman sweetly croons, “These foolish games you keep playing…Might work with somebody else. But I could have told you right from the start no man is man enough to break my heart” in the ultimate Break Up Song “Baby I Don’t Cry Over You”).  Some of the mentioned artists came close, but something was missing.  Well, she has arrived.  Enter Amy Winehouse.  Her new album, Back to Black   is tres Billie with a touch of Lauryn Hill, backed by fantastic beats and rock melodies. 

If you’re looking for something new to rock out to at the gym or sing loud on your way to work, check her out! 

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