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St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Island Destination Weddings | Why I Really Think You Don’t Need A Wedding Planner…
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Why I Really Think You Don’t Need A Wedding Planner…

It’s a set up, right?

No, not at all.  I shoot straight from the hip.  I seriously think that there are those type of brides out there who really don’t need or shouldn’t hire a wedding planner. Just to elaborate, I will give some examples.

You Don’t Need to Hire A Wedding Planner IF:

  • Your wedding planning book, software, website, message board will handle any  tumultuous disasters on the day of your wedding (i.e., vendors showing up late or not at all, dress mixups, time constraints, etc.)
  • You actually have the time to interview 4 photographers, 3 wedding sites, 2 reception venues, 3 florists and 2 cake designers…and evaluate/negotiate their contracts for any loopholes.  Your boss said that project was due when?
  • You just know someone is going to mess up in some way, some how, some where.  Therefore, it is only completely natural and conceivable why you should control everything.  And you fully intend to during the wedding too– directing, producing and starring in the show.
  • You can’t imagine spending the morning and afternoon of your wedding doing anything else other than setting up place cards in alphabetical order, dressing tables and chairs, sweeping floors, arranging favors, etc.  Yep. Oodles of fun when you’re a bundle of nerves.
  • Your mother, sister, aunt, best friend, etc. have no problem with negotiating and coordinating your vendors, assembling invitations and favors, and handling every little single minute detail of your wedding day.  They know who to call for backup, what to do if blood gets on your dress (it happens!), how to evaluate your contracts, design a proper timeline and itinerary and budget. I mean really, did they honestly think they would be invited and not work?

If that’s you, girlfriend, you do NOT need a planner!

But let’s say that’s not  you.  Then run, don’t walk, don’t collect $200 for passing GO, go straight to your nearest wedding planner!  Well not exactly that either.  Look at your options.  Will your budget allow you to retain a planner?  While you do pay a fee for a planner, they typically make this up on the deals they are able to find for you, or most importantly the time and money you save from not making a bad decision or wasting precious time.  (A penny saved, is a penny earned!)  If you budget does allow for a wedding planner, what type of services are you needing the most?  Day of Coordination?  Partial planning or full service planning?

Remember, there are no do overs with weddings.  You’ve spent a lot of money to make sure one day goes exactly as you planned. Shouldn’t you have someone there to protect it?  Moreover, don’t you want to be there to enjoy it?

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