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If the Shoe Fits…





From fashionable New York to historical Philadelphia to glamorous Washington, DC., this week’s article was fun, exciting and insightful to research.

Shoes are the fashion acecssory which draws attention whether they are paired with formal attire or are making a statement with your favorite pair of jeans.

From flats to arch defying stilettos, the encasement of a woman’s foot is a window into her lifestyle.

So, as I journeyed between New York and Washington DC, shopping and, occasionally resting my feet 🙂, I discovered one thing – some women will wear shoes with total disregard to the fitting, height, support and (gasp) comfort!

The unspoken motto: “I’ll sacrifice comfort for fashion!”.

I’ll be the first to confess that I too am guilty of the same behavior,
so that brings us to the article for the week:  
If the Shoe Fits… 

On your wedding day, you are going to do a lot of walking, dancing, posing and standing in your bridal shoes. 

From heights of 1” to 5.5″ stilettos, your shoes must be selected for endurance AND comfort.

You want the shoe you fall in love with now to still be your favorite shoe at the end of your wedding night. 

I spoke with several shoe designers and read many publications and the advice was unanimous…every shoe selection should follow the (4) Comfort Tips rules:

–have your feet measured so that you are sure to order the right size
(It is normal for one foot to be slightly larger or wider than the other)
–always measure at the end of the day since feet will swell throughout the day

–a couple of weeks before the wedding, start wearing your shoes around the house.
–this will allow your shoes to stretch and conform to your foot’s natural form.

Use Foot Pads: 
–a well-placed footpad can help prevent slipping of the heels, shifting, rubbing and chafing.
–ask your salesperson for the appropriate pads when you purchase the shoes

Consider Quality
–the construction, material quality and design of the shoe may raise the shoe budget but it will also increase the chances of a more comfortable shoe.

According to current trend analysis, there is one other way to give your feet a break on your wedding day…

Pack a pair of ballerina slippers!  🙂


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  • I will fall in anything less than 3 inches. Make that make sense.

    August 29, 2006 at 2:11 pm
  • Mattie


    I’m in heels most of the time because I love the way it forces you to walk with a sway AND makes your legs look fantastic!

    My highest heels are about 5″ and I danced in those…1 TIME!!!! For the most part, I’m in 3 – 4″.

    When I do wear flats, I either start tripping or I walk like a duck!

    Make that make sense…

    August 29, 2006 at 9:10 pm

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